During the process of raw material input and production; chemical analysis control of raw material inputs and manufactured products is exercised with the SPEKTROLAB M11 spectrometer and the LECO C/S 230 carbon sulphur control device. During these processes, microstructural controls are also performed with the OLYMPUS PMG3 microscope device.

Internal defects of products emerged after the manufacturing process are controlled with YXLON M U2000 radioscopic control device, while unseeable surface cracks are controlled  with the KARL DEUTSCH UWE 600 magnetic  particle crack control device in a non-destructive way. At all products manufactured; dimensional measurement controls are performed with the DEA GLOBAL ADVANTAGE 3d measurement control device, hardness value controls are performed with the STIEFEL MAYER 3000D BRINELL hardness measurement device, and mechanical property controls are performed with  the SHIMADZU AG-IS 250k N tensile test device. As for the surface defects of products, visual inspections are conducted by quality control personnel that are all experts in their fields