While the transition to metal and tubing at scaffolding, which have been used since BC. times, was achieved in the 1910s, and Turkey became acquainted with metal scaffolding and formwork systems that provide both more sturdiness and faster production with lower costs in the 1980s.

STI Scaffolding and Formwork Accessories maintains its production by fulfilling the quality and safety requirements of the developing scaffolding market and invests in future with the particular importance it attaches to the developing technology. STI is under the roof of Efesan Group founded by Suleyman Efe with the accession of Turgut Efe , which has a semi centennial experience in industrial sector. Thanks to the cooperation and synergy between the group companies, STI takes advantage of this extensive knowledge and technical expertise. The parts of STI, which operates in the scaffolding and formwork production sector where quality production with high safety requirement is of prime importance, are moulded and tested by another group company, Ferro Döküm Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş., in a way that grounds on the safety experience and requirements acquired the automotive sector. Providing service to the world’s leading automotive companies and achieving production in line with the standards of automotive sector; Ferro Döküm also provides considerable support to STI’s production process with its experience in engineering and functional design spheres.

STI Scaffolding and Formwork Accessories is one of the leading companies in the sector with its scaffolding and formwork equipment of a wide product range. With its innovative point of view and investments, it aims to develop products by taking advantage of the technological means of the time together with its market stakeholders.